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Quito City

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Tour options: Visit the Equator Line, Panecillo Hill and the famous virgin, historical squares, parks and cathedrals.

“Walk along the cobblestoned streets of historic Quito as if you are walking back in time. Full of life and culture, this is one of South America’s most desired destinations!”

South America's Leading Destination

Quito is the capital of the Pichincha province and the seat of Metropolitan District of Quito. Quito is home to an array of beautiful preserved cathedrals, elegant old mansions, interesting museums, squares and parks. Full of street markets selling a wealth of Ecuadorian jewelry, arts and crafts. Quito’s main viewpoint is “el Teleférico” which is the city’s cable car that raises the visitors up to the Mount Pichincha. The contemporary architecture contrasts with the modern Quito, a cosmopolitan city of great cultural diversity. Quito is nowadays a mix of modern and traditional culture, with strong Spanish, indigenous, U.S. and northern European influences.

The city is dominated by mountains and some wonderful snow-capped volcanoes like the Rucu Pichincha, the Cotopaxi, the Antisana and the Cayambe. A monument and museum marking the general location of the equator, known locally as “la Mitad del Mundo” (the middle of the world), is located near Quito. The climate in the Andes varies according to the altitude and the time of the year. In Quito, there are two seasons, wet (winter) and dry (summer) but it can be said that Quito has a spring climate all year long. The temperatures are between 5°C/41°F degrees and 25°C/77°F with an average of 15°C/59°F.

Quito, Franciscan capital of Ecuador, ancient capital of the northern realm of the Incan Empire, is located at 2’800 m/9’186 ft in a high valley at the base of the Volcano Rucu Pichincha. The full name of Quito is "San Francisco de Quito", designating both its Spanish and Incan origins. During the colonization, Franciscan monks accompanied the Spanish conquistadors and founded one of the first Catholic churches in South America. They built it in the Historic Center, in what is now called the Plaza de San Francisco. The name "Quito" comes from the name of an indigenous group “the Quitus”, who dominated this region of the Andes before their conquest by the Incas. Quito was the first to declare its independence from Spain, it is the reason why we also call it “Luz de America” (The Light of America). The capital of Ecuador is considered one of the most beautiful regions in Latin America and in recognition of the preservation of its colonial center, essentially expressed in the architecture of the old city; Quito was declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978. “El Panecillo” becomes one of the most important natural viewpoints of the city, from which you can appreciate the urban layout of the Ecuadorian capital, from its historic center and to the north and south. “El Panecillo” is topped by a giant aluminum sculpture of "Virgen de Quito".

Quito is nominated for the 2013 World Travel Awards, the “Oscar of tourism”. This time, Quito has been nominated for the prestigious "World Travel Awards" in the category “South America's Leading Destination". The nomination for this award confirms the importance of Quito on the tourist level.

Quito is one of the main tourist destinations in Ecuador after Galapagos and also a good departure point to the rest of Ecuador like beaches, the Amazon and the rest of the Andes. Discover this mystical and traditional city and join one of our tours that combine the best of Quito, the whole Ecuador and Galapagos Islands!