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Our team of local travel experts has over 10 years of experience working in the tourism industry planning luxury cruises in the Galapagos and unique tours in the mainland of Ecuador and Peru. Ecuador Luxury Tours is managed by one of the biggest on-line travel agencies in Ecuador.

Booking with Ecuador Luxury Tours, the highest customer satisfaction and personal attention is assured. you will be assured excellence, the highest customer satisfaction and personal attention.

Gabriela Fuentes

Gabriela FuentesI chose to study tourism because we are in charge of creating experiences for a lifetime. I have worked in the Canary Islands, Key West and Ecuador. For me, my favorite destination is the Galapagos Islands. I was a cruise director for 8 months and traveling around Galapagos showed me that there is no better paradise than this one. Every day I used to take a picture of the most spectacular sunsets I had ever witnessed. I never got tired of this amazing landscape. Besides, every hike and each time snorkeling is unique and different. Galapagos is for nature's lovers. It was one of my dreams, and it came true.

Pablo Rea

Pablo ReaPablo is a tourist guide and has studied in Business Administration. He has been working in tourism for more than 8 years. His expert knowledge about the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and Peru ensures the best experiences as his specialty is compiling specially made tours for families and adventure enthusiasts. When he is not organizing trips for his clients at the office, he can be found traveling around Ecuador searching for new and exciting adventures.

David Estrella

Vladimir CruzDavid graduated in Eco-tourism management from UTE; and he has been working in local tour companies for more than 7 years as a travel consultant in South America destinations. David is part of the Columbus Travel destination experts team currently; and he is providing personal assistance to our clients.

Maria Loaiza

Francisco VelaMaria holds a BA in Hospitality Management from Universidad San Francisco de Quito. She has lived and worked in the United States in the service industry for many years and now is one of our Destinations Experts, making sure all of her clients have an spectacular holiday paying close attention to small details and always exceeding expectations.

Sofia Valdivieso

Sofia ValdiviesoI have been working in the tourism industry since I graduated from University. I always felt a sense of wanderlust, a feel for discovering other places, landscapes, cultures and customs. Travelling is one of the most amazing experiences for one's lifetime which makes us increase our knowledge and be more sensitive as human beings, and it is available for all budgets and ages.  I have always felt very fortunate to live in a country that has it all, from the highest mountains in the Andes to the unique Galapagos Islands. It makes me happy to help people around the world have one of their best times in their lives.